The Right Way of Doing SEO

There is always a long standing question for black hat type of SEO. While it is true that the site could suddenly gain sudden surge of traffic, the method is wrong and could basically put your site into penalty. Black hat strategies are always focusing on deceitful strategies that funnel traffic to your site. Some users call it spamming the search engine.

If you will have your own way, it is better to do the opposite or the right way (white hat SEO). Although the process is slow it will slowly build the branding and trust of your site. At the end of the day, the success of your site could not be credited from bad strategies but from the good ones you have implemented.

To know more about SEO wonders, here are some of the valuable white hat tactics to rank higher on Google search engine:


The phrase “content is King” is almost impossible not to be mentioned when someone talks about white hat. Offering unique content will always be the platform being promoted by this strategy. Search engine crawlers will always siphon the best content to its search results so users can make use of it.

Semantic structure

Always remember that the semantic structure will help the search engine recognize the site’s content, advised recently head of Houston SEO agency, OD Marketers. Make use of the heading element’s code should be given important as it separates the content to the rest of the site’s elements. To be able to achieve a clean structure, you should integrate CSS that separates the design and the content.

Metadata and titles

These two elements should always go together. With the proper meta data and title, it gives the search engine an idea what is your content all about. In short, it gives the crawlers a snippet about the site. You should put on a lot of weight on these two as they represent your site as a whole. The crawlers do not read the design of your site (although essential), it is looking for the integral part of it.

Effective usage of keywords

For your website to appear on search engine results, you should study the common phrases and keywords users are typing on the search bar. This part is crucial in internet marketing. You need to do an extensive research if you are going to build a site as keywords also matter a lot. Although these are just set of words, they will bring you to the target users desired.

Inbound links with high quality

As much as possible, you should gain more inbound links from trusted websites. This strategy will take time but it is organic. The more referral links you get to your site, the better the chances of improved ranking on the search engine.

White hat tactics to rank higher on Google search engine have a number of benefits. The first benefit among the list long list is it costs less.

White hat is more focuses don organic style so it does need to be expensive; it is natural so you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Most of all, white hat tactics are implemented to establish long term relationship. Unlike black hat which is spammy, white hat tactics are friendlier and full of excitement. For more white hat tactics, visit olegdonets.com.